The best thing about having a modern house is you are free to explore any styles and decorations to make the house looks even more beautiful. That includes the roof. Once you have a particular roofing style in mind, simply call roofing service and they will turn your concept into reality.

When it comes to modern house roofing, you don’t have to stick with the traditional triangle shape roof. Of course it is okay if you want it. You just need to polish the roof to make it looks shiny and more contemporary. But if you want to be even more creative and make your house looks effortlessly stunning, you can give these following roof styles a try.


According to some of the best roofing companies, flat roofing style is currently very popular in the area. This roofing style is actually more common in commercial building, but due to its simple and unique style, many modern houses start to use flat roof as well. Many people love this roof style because it provides extra open area to do some gardening or simply to chill under the sun. It is really a good option for houses that don’t have large front or back yard. The roof is not totally flat, though. It is actually pitched slightly to make sure water will not puddle the area despite of the flat surface.


Curve roofing looks totally out of this world. However, designing and installing this type of roof can be very complicated so you need to call the best roofing company to do it. There are two types of curved roof that can be applied in modern house—upwards and downwards curve roof.

If you prefer the roof to curve upwards, the shape of the roof will basically like flat roof, but the edges will be curved upwards a little bit. Meanwhile, downwards style will somehow resemble a dome. It will give a modern yet classic vibe to your house.


Butterfly roof is basically the inverted version of traditional triangle shape roof. This style looks like an upside down triangle, a V-shape, or we can also say that it looks like an open book. The shape of opened and spread butterfly wings is indeed quirky and will make your house stands out. However, it is not the only great thing about this type of roof. This type of roof is known to be eco-friendly and it can be used to install solar panel.


Flat, curved and butterfly roof definitely look unique and extraordinary. They are also perfect for modern houses. But their uniqueness can make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you don’t like something that so stands out. If you prefer something subtler but still suitable for modern house, you can choose Skillion roof.

Skillion still maintains the traditional triangle shape of roof. But it still looks unique and different because it doesn’t exactly look like an ordinary triangle. One side of the roof leans to the wall, giving a sense that the house consists of two different buildings. With this roof style, your house will still look pretty without attracting too much attention.

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