Butterfly roof is currently taking the residential property world by storm. People nowadays love incorporating some unique aspects into their house design and butterfly style roof simply screams unique. It is a very complicated structure so only professional roofing company will be able to do it.

If you love attractive things and designs that can catch attention since the get go, this roofing style is definitely the answer. But before you call roofing service and decide that this is the style you want to have for your roof, you need to know that Butterfly roof is not for everyone. Let’s see the pros and cons of this roof shape first and see whether or not it will be suitable for you.

Advantages of Butterfly Roofing

The first advantage this roof shape will offer you is certainly an extraordinary appearance. It defies the mainstream style and it will make your house look exquisite without having to put more effort decorating the exterior.

However, it is not the only advantage of butterfly roofing.  In fact, this roof is more popular for its environmentally friendly purpose Due to its inverted triangle style which creates a sort of valley, this triangle is used to harvest rainwater. It is a very nice way to conserve water since the rainwater can be used later on for so many purposes. If you love gardening, this is a good way to get water for your plants without significantly increasing your energy bill. In addition, the structure of the roof is also suitable to install solar panel.

Furthermore, since this roof design doesn’t come with overhang, the house will have more room to put more decoration such as extra windows. It means you will have more freedom in designing your house with Butterfly roofing.

There is another reason why many architects really love this roof shape. Besides the unique structure and its ecofriendly feature, Butterfly roofing also has aerodynamic property that will make sure the roof stay strong against strong wind. If you are living in an area with strong wind, it can be a great option to choose.

Disadvantages of Butterfly Roofing

Even though it offers so many great advantages, there are things that might make you hesitate to choose this roof shape. This is because butterfly roof is not the easiest to maintain. The fact that the roof shape creates a valley means there is a high chance that the water will puddle in the valley and invite unwanted moisture. If you insist on using this type of roof, you need to prepare the phone number of roof repair at all times because you might need it every so often.

In addition, due to the inverted shape, it can be very hard for you to see the condition of the roof from the ground. If there is something that needs to be repaired or some shingles missing, you won’t be able to notice it unless you go up to the roof. It means, you need to spare time or call a roofer regularly to check the condition of your roof.

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