Best Wood for Decks

Decks are a great way to add space to a home, and design options are virtually endless. Single and two-story decks are all possible choices, and a roof provides protection from the wind, sun and rain. Enclosed decks make use of screens to eliminate insects and other pests, and some homeowners build custom fire pits around their deck to create a cooking area. Building a deck takes time and energy, and a variety of different materials are commonly used. Redwood decks have been a top choice for years because the wood has a great look and resists rot and decay. Mahogany and ipe wood are other great choices for a deck.

The Benefits of Redwood

Redwood is one of the most popular products for any type of outdoor construction project. Redwood trees are indigenous to Northern California and Southern Oregon and are known for their staggering size. Redwood lumber resists insects and rot and provides a superior decking surface. Because the wood has an open-celled structure, it does not contain any tar or pitch like most other lumbers. When redwood is left untreated, it ages to a silver gray. The wood is incredibly stable and resists cupping when it is exposed to the weather.

Mahogany Decks

Mahogany is a tight-grained hardwood that is native to South America and Indonesia. Two types of mahogany are commonly used in the decking industry. Cambara Mahogany comes from Brazil, and Meranti decking is usually harvested in Indonesia. The material is ideal for decks because it resists insects and decay. Mahogany lasts for decades when it is properly installed and maintained. Decks that are built with mahogany will initially feature the red or purple hue that the lumber is famous for and over time, mahogany takes on a silver appearance. Stainless steel fasteners are the ideal way to secure mahogany because they prevent discolorations. Mahogany also takes stain well, and clear sealers allow the natural grain and beauty of the lumber to show through.

Ipe Wood Decks

Ipe wood is known by several names and is often referred to as iron wood because of its dense grain structure. The lumber is an exotic wood that grows in South America. Ipe wood is one of the hardest lumbers and is nearly five times harder than traditional lumber. This quality makes the wood an ideal choice for decks because it stands up to wear and tear. The material is perfect for any type of outdoor construction project because it is strong, resists rot and stands up to insects. Many people we’ve spoken to use Ipe in similar climates to South America. Humid locations near the beach such as Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar and other orange county locations would be remiss not to perform regular deck refinishing. Deck refinishing in Orange County is essentially a necessity for deck owners. The elements are harsh and can destroy an expensive deck. Wind, Sun, Humidity and salt can all damage a deck’s surface.

A variety of different woods are an ideal accompaniment to an outdoor room or deck. While many homeowners choose pressure-treated lumber for outdoor construction projects, several benefits are associated with natural lumber. Redwood, mahogany and ipe wood are some of the most popular varieties. Each of the products is ideal for outdoor applications because they are naturally resistant to rot and insects. In addition, the different types of wood have their own unique looks and usually have dense grain patterns that make them ideal for decking lumber.