Roof Landscape Lighting

roof with lightAfter spending time and effort on landscaping your home, you are probably hoping to install lighting that will illuminate your hard work outdoors. While many outdoor lighting schemes focus on installing lights on the ground that point up at your plants and home, consider an alternative: roof landscape lighting. Lighting along your roof can highlight the exterior of your home effectively, and bring out the best features of your front or back yard. This outdoor led landscape lighting is also less susceptible to being bumped, knocked or broken since it is not on the ground and underfoot like traditional ground lights.

LED landscape lighting is particularly great for outdoor lighting because the lifespan of the bulbs is much longer than that of ordinary lightbulbs. Since LED lights are not quite as bright as traditional outdoor bulbs, you can put up more of them, or use them as outdoor deck lighting for a cosy, romantic look. They also provide great ambient lighting for a pool or small sitting area.

When using roof landscape lighting, look for points where a light would appear well placed. The key is to start with entrances like the front door, back door, garage doors, etc. and then determine what else you would like to be illuminated. You should also plan to install lights that shine on any sidewalks or driveways so that visitors can make it to your door safely. If you have a pool, fish pond, swing, or some other feature of your yard that you would particularly like to highlight, angling lights from the roof is an easy way to shine a light on those areas. If you do a lot of cooking outdoors, shining a light on the grill might not be a bad idea, to give you easy visibility as it gets darker.

There are kits available online and in stores that enable you to install your own LED lights wherever you want to put them. Installation can be tricky, however, so if you aren’t good with wiring, let the professionals handle it. A lighting professional can also give you advice about where the lights will look the best and be the most functional.

Outdoor lighting is an important finishing step to any landscape design, so make sure you don’t neglect it. Landscape lighting gives your house that final touch so that even at night, you can feel comfortable outdoors and give your house maximum curb appeal.